To help you make the most of your first year experience, all incoming undergraduate students at York will be matched with a Librarian. Your Personal Librarian is available to answer any questions you may have about research assignments and resources. Throughout the fall and winter terms he/ she will send periodic emails to allow you to become more familiar with the range of services at your disposal through the Library.

Meet the Personal Librarians

Angie An
User ID: 1904
Catherine Davidson
User ID: 1905
Dany Savard
User ID: 1906
Bilingual Social Sciences Librarian
Mark Robertson
User ID: 1908
Rosa Orlandini
User ID: 1909
Ilo Maimets
User ID: 1911
Leigh Jackson
User ID: 1913
Bilingual Reference Librarian
Alex Symons
User ID: 1914
Bilingual Reference Librarian
Jacqueline Vanderkooy
User ID: 1915
Physical Sciences Librarian
Dana Craig
User ID: 1916
Stephanie Quail
User ID: 1917
Adam Taves
User ID: 2945
Psychology Librarian
Sophie Bury
User ID: 2946
Business Librarian
Peter Duerr
User ID: 2947
Domestic Government Documents Librarian; Disaster & Emergency Management Studies Librarian
PW Warren
User ID: 2948
Education; Romance languages & literatures
Thumeka Mgwigwi
User ID: 2949
Patti Ryan
User ID: 2950
Political Science Librarian
John Dupuis
User ID: 2951
Science & Engineering
Rajiv Nariani
User ID: 2952
Biology & Kinesiology